Health officials predict dangerous summer trend to return

NORFOLK, Neb. - As high temperatures hit the state a dangerous summer trend returns: heatstroke.

A combination of too much sun and not enough water can lead to heatstroke. 

Faith Regional health officials are encouraging people to take precautions.

"The temps just really rose last week and this week is going to be bad, so there will be cases that start coming in" said Nurse Practitioner Angie Smutny.

Smutny said it's not just older people that are most vulnerable.

"The most at risk are the very young and the very old," said Smutny. "Obviously with age, the older you get the more at risk you are. But young athletes that are very into training can also be at risk."

Smutny said heatstroke can lead to long-term organ damage and even death.

Symptoms can include a body temperature above 104 degrees, fainting, altered mental status, dizziness, light-headed, lack of sweating, nausea, flushed skin, rapid breathing, racing heart rate, headache, and seizure. 

Smutny says some ways to prevent heatstroke are to wear light-weight and lose clothing, avoid sunburn, use sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid outdoor activities at the time with it's the hottest.