Health district reports small Covid cluster in Jefferson County

BEATRICE--Public Health Solutions is reporting a small cluster outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases in Jefferson County. Thirteen cases have been identified using rapid antigen testing. Confirmation testing and variant sequencing will be completed early this week.

The health department advises individuals who live, work, or travel to Jefferson County and surrounding areas to take extra precautions while in public. These precautions would include wearing a mask if planning to be in groups of people with no ability to social distance and avoiding large crowds if you are at high risk for serious illness.

PHS is working in partnership with Jefferson County Health and Life to quickly test and identify positive cases so that they can begin isolation or quarantine according to CDC guidelines.

PHS has received only one report of serious illness requiring hospitalization associated with the outbreak.

Public Health Solutions Director Kim Showalter says “Fully vaccinated individuals have a level of protection from COVID-19 but those at high risk for serious illness should consider taking extra precautions right now, even if you have been fully vaccinated."  The district won't know until sometime this week if there is a variant identified in the district.  The  Delta variant is the predominant strain identified across the state at this time.

Health officials say Covid-19 vaccination is the best defense against the virus and there are multiple vaccine providers available within the PHS district. For assistance in finding a vaccine provider near you, you can call PHS at 402-826-3880.