Hall of Fame sheriff does not plan to seek re-election

PLATTSMOUTH - Cass County’s long-time sheriff William Brueggemann’s intention not to seek re-election is drawing the attention of county planners.

Steve Warga of Cassgram reports.

 Warga: "The 2022 county budget planning includes a look ahead to two years from now, and with Sheriff Brueggemann wearing many management hats such as overseeing the jail and radio towers, Board Chairman Dan Henry told the other board members “Bill’s not going to run next year so we need to start planning now” on possibly assigning non-mandated sheriff’s duties to other departments.

 Brueggemann is 65 years old and “Now is the time,” he said. Recent events played into his thinking. He says an anti-law enforcement mindset is making it hard to get applicants for deputies now and that anti-law enforcement attitude by some has diminished his passion somewhat. Not being able to interact with young people because of COVID precautions disappoints him too.

 Brueggemann, a native of Kearney, Nebraska began as a Cass County deputy sheriff in 1987 when he was hired to work the Greenwood and Eagle contract beat. He was promoted to sergeant/investigator. When an opening for sheriff occurred in 1991 he was one of 21 applicants for the appointment.

 He remembers interviewing with the board of commissioners and Dale Sharp, who was in his first stint as a commissioner, asked him if he planned to stay around and run for the position. He said he would. It is now 30 years later.

 Brueggemann also remembers thinking at one point how he’d be proud to break the Fred Tesch duration record as Cass County sheriff. He will have broken that record by 11 years next year. 

 Brueggemann had only one election where he was unopposed. One time, his first election, he had five opponents.

 Knowing the end of the sheriff’s job is nearing puts a different perspective on the next several months. He says he wants a smooth transition. “My objective still is to try to do what’s best for the sheriff’s office and the county. I’m not going to leave anything undone.”

 The are no firm plans come December of 2022. He plans to stay in this area and enjoy life, and get involved in other interests. “I’ve got to find something to do, I’d go nuts.”


Brueggemann was inducted into the Nebraska Sheriff's Hall of Fame in 2019, citing his dedication to the youth of the community.


Accomplishments include:

  • Volunteer for Crime Commission
  • Nebraska Sheriff Association president
  • Nebraska Victim’s Committee
  • Judicial nominating committee
  • Treasurer of Nebraska Law Enforcement Network for 18 years
  • Representative of Western States Sheriffs Association
  • Vice Chair  for the school safety committee of the National Sheriff’s Association
  • County attorneys standard advisory board since 2011
  • President's award from the National Association of County Officials in 2000
  • US Attorney selection for Sheriff of the Year