Gun rights advocates gather in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Neb. -- Gun rights advocates gathered in northeast Nebraska Tuesday evening.

The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association held a town hall seminar at the Norfolk Public Library.

Bills regarding the regulation and deregulation of firearms in and around the state were discussed, as was Gov. Pete Ricketts's declaration of Nebraska as a "Second Amendment Sanctuary State."

While not decrying every bit of gun regulation, organizers expressed no love for the Biden administration's proposed measures, or those proposed by other lawmakers throughout the country.

"Their heart is in the right place," said Jon Anderson, Director of Media for the Nebraska Gun Owners Association. "These are being presented from a position of wanting to help, wanting to make a difference, wanting to keep people safer. They're things that they've tried in so many places over so many different times that don't work."

The Biden administration's proposed gun control measures include a reduction of untraceable "ghost guns", establishing red flag legislation for at-risk people, and investing $5 billion in community violence intervention programs.