Governor reacts to postponing of health education standards

LINCOLN – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts issued a call for vigilance Friday following a vote by the State Board of Education to postpone the Nebraska Department of Education’s work to draft health education standards.

Ricketts: “The draft health education standards were politicized and contained non-scientific concepts,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “The State Board of Education was right to postpone them, however, the battle over what our kids should be taught in schools is not over.  The State Board of Education could bring these controversial standards back at any time.  We must remain vigilant.”

He thanked thousands who wrote in, attended meetings and called their state Board of Education representative.

Ricketts:  “The past few months have been a lesson for all of us that we must get involved and stay involved in the education of our children.  Parents should continue to attend the State Board of Education meetings.  Communities need to engage directly with their local school boards.  And everyone should make sure they review the curriculum being taught to their children in the classroom to make sure it is in line with your family’s values.  Working together, we can ensure that our kids are getting the best education that’s right for them.”