Governor Pete Ricketts speaks on Afghanistan situation

As the long-term future of Afghanistan is uncertain, one of the short-term priorities for the U.S is the evacuation of American personnel.

An undertaking Nebraska governor, Pete Ricketts, says it should have never been necessary.

"The Biden administration and President Biden, in particular, has botched this withdrawal from Afghanistan. It's now up to the President to make sure every Nebraskan, every American, every ally, and every Afghan, is evacuated out of Afghanistan," Ricketts said.

The governor is reacting following the chaotic scenes at the Kabul airport Monday, as desperate afghans sought a way out of the country.

Pentagon spokesman Admiral, John Kirby, says the best estimate is that there are between 5 and 10 thousand Americans in Afghanistan, and the State Department has given them instructions on moving toward the airport for processing their exit.

Kirby says 3,500 U.S troops are now securing the airport, and with stability, more movement can take place.