Genoa reunites, remembers separated families

GENOA, Neb. -- Genoa held a reunion, and was a chance to learn about U.S. history and Native Americans this weekend.

"It's a happy and sad day," said Nancy Carlson, a volunteer, about the Genoa Indian School's 35th annual 'Recognition and Remembrance Celebration' this Saturday.

The event honors students from the 46 tribes who attended the Genoa School, often losing their identity; family; and history through the school as it punished them for using their own language and such. Activities included a reunion with descendants, a display of Native American jewelry and crafts; and a presentation from a former teacher.

"I think it's good the society as a whole is recognizing what went on here [...] hopefully in the future we'll be more open and welcoming to why people feel the way they do," Carlson said. 

The school is expecting to start searching its grounds for remains soon. While the radar search will happen in a few months, Identification and reunification will take years, Carlson said.