Genoa Indian School Foundation awarded

GENOA --  A healing process, an informative museum, and a family... the Genoa Indian School Foundation may be described many ways. Now, it's also being given the title of a Champion of History. 

History Nebraska is awarding the foundation today in Lincoln. 

Established in 1990, the non-profit works to connect alumni of the school

"When it started there was no internet," said Secretary Nancy Carlson, describing the many challenges of this organization. Today, she said people still are not aware of it enough. Many students came from outside of Nebraska, or now are spread across the country. 

Plus, alumni have complicated feelings about the school. 

It was created to assimilate Native peoples and erase their indigenous cultures. But, Carlson said many students have fond memories too of the school. "We want to record those accounts, both the good and bad," she said. 

While they keep its history alive, they also have plans for the future. 

"We want to connect more with Native nations," Carlson said, and to develop more outreach programs this year.