Garden County Sheriff found guilty in misdemeanor assault case

KEITH COUNTY, NE — A Keith County judge has revealed his decision in the bench trial of the leader of the Garden County Sheriff's Office. 

Garden County Sheriff Michelle Quinn has been found guilty of third-degree domestic assault. The case's judge, the Honorable Edward Steenburg delivered his opinion Thursday. 

Court documents say Quinn and her girlfriend were traveling through Keith County when the two got in an argument about Quinn's alleged love interest in another woman. 

Evidence presented during the trial included an audio recording of a phone call made from Quinn's phone to a number associated with the Garden County Sheriff's Office during the argument.

According to court documents, Quinn's partner can be heard saying "I want out of the truck", "You hit me", "You punched me in my (expletive) face", "You broke my teeth" and "Hit me again (expletive)" in the recording.

Testimony from responding authorities and photographs showed Quinn's partner had abrasions on her neck and cheek and a cut lip as result of the incident. 

Quinn's partner testified Quinn did not cause her bodily harm. Steenburg said there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

Both Quinn and her partner denied intentionally making the phone call. Steenburg wrote in his decision the call appeared to be a butt dial. 

Members of the Garden County Sheriff's Office overheard the argument. They and the Nebraska State Patrol were dispatched to find the pair. 

After locating them, the Nebraska State Patrol took over the investigation. 

Quinn will be sentenced on Sept. 13.