Garage sale season comes back despite pandemic

PIERCE, Neb. - Garage sales are coming back to northeast Nebraska after the pandemic shut them down last year.

There are over 30 garage sales participating in Pierce's city-wide event Friday and Saturday. The weekend full of sales is sponsored and organized by the Pierce Chamber of Commerce.

"Some events have been canceled," said Brandy Price, garage sale coordinator. "But now that the COVID shot is out there a lot of things are starting to open back up."

After over a year of quarantines and shut-downs, garage sale organizers say events like these help to boost morale.

"People are ready to get out and enjoy life again," said garage sale organizer Janet Beacom.

During a financially tough year, people are ready to pick through to find good deals.

"You're helping out people because some people just can't go out and get new things, and a lot of these clothes are good clothes," said Beacom. "It's helping them out too."

There's also a feeling this sale could be the first of many this season.

"We both have the vaccine," said Jane Peters, garage sale organizer.

Beacom and Peters join the more than 570,000 Nebraskans who have been fully vaccinated. As that number grows, there's optimism for more events all spring and summer.

"It draws other people from other communities, then they go to your other businesses in town so it's a good community boost," said Price.