Gang Members Sentenced for Racketeering Conspiracy

OMAHA — A member of the Omaha area Crips Gang is behind bars after he was involved in a racketeering conspiracy involving violence, attempted murder and assaults, witness tampering, and drug distribution.

Jerell Haynie of Omaha was sentenced on Monday following his jury trial conviction on February 22. According to evidence from the trial, from 2008 to 2016, Haynie conspired to conduct and participate in the affairs of the Omaha area Crips gang through a pattern of racketeering activity. As a long standing member of the gang, Haynie engaged in cocaine trafficking and personally committed to acts of violence for the gang.

The evidence presented at the trial revealed that Haynie tried to kill a fellow member of the gang, who was suspected of cooperating with police by shooting a gun at him multiple times. In another incident of violence, Haynie and other gang members participated in a shooting in which they attempted to kill a police informant who made controlled drug purchases from Crips members.

Haynie was sentenced to seven years in prison, and the case is still under investigation.