Fuller sentenced for failure to render aid

NEBRASKA CITY – Joshua Fuller, 50, of Nebraska City was sentenced to three years in prison for a Dec. 2 incident that killed his girlfriend at a Nebraska City trailer park.

Prosecutors say 44-year-old Shannon Robinson was fatally wounded when a tire of a pickup truck driven by Fuller ran over her head.

Public Defender Michael Ziskey said Fuller and Robinson were parenting their children together, but had argued that day before Robinson fell and was hit by the tire.

Ziskey: “The initial incident in this case was in no way an intentional act on Mr. Fuller’s part. It was very tragic for all involved and certainly deeply sorry for Ms. Robinson’s family.”

Ziskey said Fuller’s decision to leave the scene did not change the outcome for Robinson as witnesses called 911 immediately.

Judge Julie Smith said a probation officer recognizes that Fuller is remorseful and is in the contemplative stage of change, but the probation office does not recommend a probation sentence.

She said victim statements ask for prison time of 10 to 50 years.

Smith: “I wouldn’t be able to do that under the laws of the State of Nebraska. You’re convicted of one class 3 felony and one class 1 misdemeanor, so that sentence wouldn’t be possible.”

Smith: “Witnesses indicated that you looked out the rearview mirror, saw the victim laying on the ground. You did not get out to check on her, to help her or to call for medical help for her, instead you sped off. Not only did you leave the area, where the accident occurred, but you fled the state of Nebraska.”

Otoe County Attorney Jennifer Panko-Rahe said there was an order out in a domestic case that prohibited Fuller from having contact with Robinson on the day of the accident.

The judge said Fuller will serve 1.5 years in custody less 257 days credit for time already served. He will then have 18 months posts-release supervision.