Free recycling finally returns to Columbus

COLUMBUS - For the ecologically concerned, making the world a little cleaner just got a little easier.

"This is a bright orange recycling trailer," said Keep Columbus Beautiful Executive Director Vanessa Oceguera, "And there's finally two of them here in town."

With two trailers sported 6 assorted slots each, free recycling has finally made a return to the city - and it's been a long time coming.

"It's been more than a year since we had started this project," Oceguera said.

"We actually wrote the grant for all of this in August of 2019."

Using the trailer is a little bit more involved than a dumpster. But it's not too complicated.

"So really they're labeled fairly easily. There's no way I think you could mix it up."

Check the number next to the recycle icon on your piece of plastic and chuck it into the correct slot.

The trailer also takes milk jugs, tin, steel, and aluminum cans for processing at the Colfax County recycling center - at no cost to you.

Oceguera says Columbus has been without a free recycling program since 2017. Since the installation of the two trailers, they have been getting emptied almost daily.

"We've had an overwhelming amount of feedback from residents already," Oceguera said.

"Maybe further down the road, we'll get either more trailers or open a facility of our own."