Fox Theatre returning to normal hours

SIDNEY, NE- Late night movies are returning to downtown Sidney.

The Fox Theatre is adding the 9 p.m. showing back to its arsenal after only having the 7 p.m. showing available due to the pandemic. The theatre's full schedule means that it will be open again Monday through Sunday.

"There will be something to do after 9 o'clock in Sidney," Fox Theatre owner John Phillips said. "It's an exciting time and it's been a long time coming".

The two-screened theatre in downtown Sidney sits 200 people per side and will look to see more people in the seats, especially in the the evening showings. Phillips said that timing was a key factor in re-opening the theatre to its full schedule.

"It was just a choice that we made," Phillips said. "We could have done it earlier, but it was the timing and we also wanted pictures that people may know about."

The Fox Theatre's Summer Matinee Program is also making its return this summer. Movies will begin at 2 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday and the summer pass costs 30 dollars for the 12-week program.

Click here to see the schedule of movies for this year's Summer Matinee Program.