Flock of Bird scooters migrating to Columbus

A new type of transportation is coming to Columbus. 

It's called Bird and it's a scooter service that lets people get around town just like other forms of transportation, but riders get to enjoy the thrill of riding an electric scooter on their own terms.

Supporters say it is a great addition for people who are wanting an easier and more accessible way to get around town, without having to use a car or take a bus.

Some people in Columbus who spoke to News Channel Nebraska say they think the addition is going to be a great attraction to the Platte Valley city.

"It's an excellent opportunity for the community of Columbus...We are always looking for things we can add to our community to bring visitors and enhance local attractions, " said Jennifer Wurdeman.

If you want to use Bird and its services, all you have to do is download the Bird app, open the app, scan the barcode on the scooter with the camera feature, pay for how many miles you are going to be traveling, and you are all set for scootering.

Katy McNeil, who is the director for the Columbus Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and has experience using Bird, said the move is a push to get more people, especially younger ones, to move toward the growing city.

"There is a pretty good push right now in the Columbus area and all of Platte County as a whole to grow our downtown, bringing people downtown, whether it's old, young, or in between. It's just another thing to check out what we have here," McNeil said.

Other officials at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce also said the move is a great sign that the local economy is doing well.

The scooters are set to arrive in Columbus sometime this week. There's no word yet on where they will be located to use.