‘Flatwater Free Press’ hopes to change how stories are told in Nebraska

All across the state of Nebraska, there are so many small-town stories and issues that go untold.

An up-and-coming independent non-profit news organization called ''Flatwater Free Press' is hoping to change that.

Flatwater Free Press is going to be Nebraska's first independent and nonprofit newsroom focused on investigations and feature stories that matter to the places that need it the most.

"We want to do it in a way that includes our rural places and are smaller cities. I think the 'Flatwater Free Press' is built to tell Nebraskans about each other." said Matt Hanson, who is the editor of the 'Flatwater Free Press.'

The Executive Director, Matt Wynn, is going to be putting a big emphasis on investigative journalism.

"I think it lets you take stories to another level. You can ask a lot harder questions. You can chew on things. You can get to the nuance of it. I think it gets us out of this black-white paradigm, that we often fall back to because it's easy. We take time to really dig into things," added Wynn.

You can find the latest stories their team is publishing at "flatwaterfreepress.org."