First mosquito spraying round for the season, in Beatrice

BEATRICE – Its’ that time of year when we start to notice the gnat and mosquitoes buzzing about in full force.

The City of Beatrice will conduct its first round of mosquito-spraying this season...Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Street Superintendent Jason Moore says the department's truck with a mounted sprayer will start operations at eight o'clock, each evening.

"We knew we had Homestead Days coming up and so we kind of wanted to get out and spray for mosquitoes before that celebration week comes up. This time, we did not go off of trap counts. Right now, we've got a high number of gnats...and another reason for not using the traps is that this time of year when we have a high number of gnats out....the gnats will actually plug up our traps."

Moore says the city normally utilizes four light trap locations around the city to track the number of mosquitoes showing up.

Last year, the city sprayed four times over the summer season to hold down the bug count.

"We've been able to hit the Fourth of July, Homestead Days and Labor Day weekend....and then we always try to hold off until somewhere around October so we can get a fourth round in. Usually, if you're going to have mosquitoes that carry the West Nile disease, they're a late (season) mosquito."

Wednesday night this week, zone area one will be sprayed. That includes the Hoyle's Trailer Court area in north Beatrice and all areas west of Sixth and south of Caldwell Street.

Zone two is covered Thursday night. That includes everything east of Sixth and north of Caldwell Street.