Fireworks sales to start soon, with expanded list of items in Nebraska

BEATRICE – The fireworks sales period in Nebraska is coming up later this week. For a July license, fireworks can be sold in Nebraska between June 24th and July 5th.

This year, state law changed what’s allowable in Nebraska, expanding the definition of consumer fireworks, by adopting the federal standard. The law was passed following introduction of a bill by Senator Julie Slama, of Peru.

"Keeping the money spent by folks crossing the border into Missouri and Kansas every year to buy fireworks...keeping that money in Nebraska. I found in my research on LB 152 that per capita, Missouri has three times the fireworks revenue annually compared to Nebraska. Kansas has well over double. Increasing the availability of those fireworks in the state keeps that revenue in our local communities, which I think is a win-win for everybody involved in our state."

Slama’s First Legislative District is just across the border from Missouri, where several fireworks stands do business next to Interstate 29. It also borders Kansas, with its higher sales.  Though more fireworks will be allowed in Nebraska, Slama says local jurisdictions maintain authority to enact regulations of their own.

"One thing we made very clear in LB 152 is that this bill does not supercede local ordinances. So, county boards, city councils are still free to set the limitations on fireworks as they see fit. Whether its Beatrice, whether its Omaha, whether its Lincoln, LB 152 will not change that power or authority for local governing entities to set the rules they want to see when it comes to fireworks."

Nebraska also allows fireworks around the New Year’s Holiday, with a December license covering between December 28th and January 1st. Some communities have more restrictive sales and use periods for fireworks.