Fillmore County Fair gets started after year without crowds

GENEVA, NE — The start of the Fillmore County Fair is a welcome sight in southeast Nebraska.

The event got underway Wednesday morning in Geneva with the 4H horse show. Fillmore County is hosting the first fair of the season in the area and the second in the state after Madison County opened on Tuesday.

Everything happening at the fair means more this year because last year’s events were mostly canceled.

“We had nothing. The kids were sad, the parents were sad, we were sad," Ag Society President Debbie Hoarty said. "There just was a lot of nothing to do.”

4H livestock events still happened but they were done in show-and-go style. This year, there’s no shortage of things to do. The fair boasts six days of programming. Thursday is family night, there’s concerts on Friday and Saturday and Sunday features the new Quad County Figure 8 race and demo derby.

Ag Society President Debbie Hoarty says it was a chore to get organized after a year off.

“Everything we get out is just filthy dirty, so it’s clean, clean, clean, get it all cleaned up," Hoarty said. "And paint, we have painted and painted and painted trying to get things looking back to what it should be.”

Hoarty says it will be nice to see 4H and FFA youth present and perform in front of crowds again… and those crowds will bring benefits to more than just the participants.

“It means a great deal to everybody, to all the towns in the county," Hoarty said. "It brings people in, it brings money in, and it gives us a chance at that togetherness.”

Click here for the full schedule of fair activities.