Fight at Gateway Mall turned into arrests

On Sunday there was a fight reported at the Gateway Mall. When the officers got there they were told by mall employees that two men were fighting inside the mall, and one of the men was trying to take the other man’s backpack.

The employees said that one of the men said he had a handgun in his backpack and feared the other man was trying to take it.

Mall security arrived and watched the fight, and they proceeded to pic up the bag that was believed to contain the gun as the fight continued.

One of the men, Bukjiok Dobuony, 29, charged at the security guard with his hands clenched like he was going to assault the guard.

When officers arrived, the men fled the area. Muoch Muon, 24, matched the description of the man who said he had a gun. He was stopped by an officer when he was leaving the mall.

The officer then conducted a pat down, feeling what he believed to be the handgun inside is bag. He learned this was a 9mm handgun.

Muon reportedly said that he was a valid CCW permit holder but did not disclose he had the gun when he was stopped by the officer.

The officer observed Dobuony attempting to flee the area, so he detained him. Officers contacted several other men who stated they had arrived at the mall with the 24-year-old man and knew that he had been carrying a gun in his backpack.

When they exited the store, Muoch had been approached by Dobuony who assaulted him and attempted to steal his backpack.

One of the men, 19, said that he was engaged in the fight at the mall after seeing that Dobuony had taken Muoch’s backpack.

At one point, the 19-year-old had taken the backpack and tried to get away when Dobuony forcibly removed the backpack from him.

A video has been reviewed and showed that Dobuony had been fighting with the men to try and take the bag by force.

Dobuony was arrested for two counts of Robbery, Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person, and Disturbing the Peace.

The 19-year-old was cited for Disturbing the Peace.