Farmers facing herbicide shortage

Agricultural chemicals like herbicides are in tight supply this summer, and for the near future, as shipping and pandemic-related delays have run into higher demand from increased row-crop acres around the country.

It's a problem that's got farmers across the state expressing concern. The shortage is due primarily to supply issues.

The main chemicals in the herbicides are made overseas and shipping got more difficult as the coronavirus shut things down across the globe.

 Now, it's forcing farmers to get creative. Using certain compounds that don't do the job as well by comparison.

"They're going to have to use chemicals that are not as good for these weeds. It'll be a little more challenging. We've had tougher weeds developing in this country," says Bryan Hoffman of Farmers Pride, a cooperative in Nebraska.

Hoffman says it's an issue that agricultural producers around the country might not be totally aware of at the moment, but it's a problem farmers across the whole country will see for themselves.

He says some local farmers have already started planning for next year's season by putting in orders now.

They're hoping they'll get the supplies they need before this time, in 2022.