Family devastated by weekend storms

BATTLE CREEK Neb. -- Some are calling the recent storms that hit Nebraska over the weekend, some of the worst they have ever seen, leaving thousands of people without power and devastation around homes.

One family not far from Battle Creek, Nebraska, is picking up the pieces and calling the storm "devastating." The Suckstorf family said they were without power for about 17 hours.

"I would call it devastating because when you have all the trees in the back of your house and pretty much all have damage, it is absolutely devastating, " Suckstorf said.

The winds during the storm were so powerful, they even ripped a massive tree right from the ground, which now just lays on their property.

After the storm ended, the only reaction Suckstorf had was to start crying, since she knew how destructive this storm really was.

"We've been out here 25 years and to see this devastation, we just cried," Suckstorf added.

The house they live in is completely surrounded by trees and it certainly was a relief for Suckstorf and the rest of the family no trees immediately surrounding them decided to come down.

So, what's next for the family? It's going to be a long process moving forward but they need help and cannot do it alone, they say. With all of the huge trees laying in their yard, a tree service is going to have to come cut up the trees and hall them out so life can get back to normal.