Fallen LPD officer’s son training to become a Lincoln Police Officer

Lincoln, Neb. — For years, Carlos Herrera watched his Dad, Mario put on a Lincoln police uniform. Now Carlos will wear that same uniform as he helps carry on his father’s legacy. 

Luis “Mario”  Herrera gave the ultimate sacrifice. The 23 year veteran of the police department died last year after being shot while serving a search warrant. 

Four months later, Carlos joined the Lincoln Police Academy.

“I’ve actually always wanted to be a police officer. Just growing up and seeing my dad and my uncle working at the Lincoln Police Department, it was always an interest to me, and getting to hear their stories and their experiences has always played a huge role in my life.” (Herrera) 

Carlos says his mom, three sisters, and fiance have been supportive of his decision to become a Police Officer. He wants to work as a Narcotics investigator and hopes to make a difference by helping those impacted by drug addiction.