Fairbury Rotary fundraising to refurbish historic military tanks

FAIRBURY, NE — Three historic military tanks in southeast Nebraska are getting a facelift.

The Fairbury Rotary Club is financing the makeover project. It includes power washing the tanks, repainting them and cleaning up the areas immediately around them. Rotary President Lana Likens says the project achieves three goals.

“Honor our veterans and our military personnel, that we could do something nice and productive in our community and clean up the tanks and have them look like they should again, and that we could do something to beautify our community,” Likens said.

One tank is in City Park, near where Rotary recently installed corn hole boards and near a proposed veterans memorial. The other two are at the Fairbury City Museum and the VFW.

The group also plans to research the history behind each tank.

“The hope is that we’ll figure out some information about each of these tanks and be able to do some kind of a small sign that would tell people, when was this tank used, what division, what unit - the things that would make sense to someone who’s been in the military,” Likens said.

The whole project costs $9,000. $3,000 is being paid for with a matching grant and Rotary is looking for donations to cover the remaining costs.

Two of the three tanks were already washed. Likens says all three should be clean and painted over the next few weeks. She looks forward to showing them off to the community.

“We hope that people enjoy it, we hope that people come learn from it, and we hope that people look at them with a sense of pride in our community,” Likens said.

People can donate for the project through the Fairbury Civic Foundation.