Fairbury man receives prison for Gage County drug convictions

BEATRICE - Consecutive state prison terms and supervised release have been handed to a 40-year-old Fairbury man on drug convictions in Gage County.
Gary Ingrao was sentenced Wednesday to a total of five-years in state prison and 30 months post-release supervision, after being convicted of delivering a controlled substance and possession of drug money.

Ingrao told the court, "I want to go to treatment. I need the treatment, bad. I want to get out of Fairbury. My girl's in York right now...she's doing prison time. She's getting cleaned up. And, we're just gonna get up out of Fairbury, because we're just done with it. I'm tired of it....because it was just a week, and my house gets busted into."

Ingrao was just recently arrested for an incident June 1st in Fairbury when law officers served a search warrant on a home. His attorney said he had bonded out three days prior to the warrant being served and had planned to enter drug treatment.  Ingrao was on probation at the time of his recent arrest.

Gage County District Judge Rick Schreiner said where Ingrao has been living, is not the issue.
"You have been arrested in California...you did five years there. Nobody goes to prison on their first offense. Nevada, you went to prison there, twice.....and then in Fairbury. The problem isn't Fairbury. It's you. You can move wherever you want and you're still going to have these problems."

A motion to revoke Ingrao’s probation for meth possession was filed by the state, and Judge Schreiner entered a denial of probation violation on behalf of the defendant, to give him time to discuss that matter with his attorney.  A hearing on the motion to revoke probation, is set for July 21st.

The judge told Ingrao he has been dealing drugs….and added, “we do not need that in Gage County.”

Ingrao received credit off his five-year prison term for 197 days spent in custody.  He was arrested by Beatrice Police last October after an officer noticed his vehicle traveling the wrong way on a one-way street. Drugs and suspected drug money were recovered during a search.