Exclusive: New Details in Pilger ‘Hero’ Case, Mystery Man and More

There are news twists in the arrest of fired Pilger Village Clerk Kimberly Neiman; details involving lengthy court records, questionable checks and now emails sent to News Channel Nebraska by a mystery man in the investigation.

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That man is Gavin Evento, who is described in Neiman’s arrest warrant as one of Neiman’s possible former husbands.

But in emails responding to questions from NCN Evento writes “Impossible.” “Never met her before.” “Thank God.”

At the same time though he says Neiman “ruined my name business and financially crippled me.”

More on Gavin Evento in a moment but for now it’s Neiman, who is facing years in prison if convicted of several counts of theft, accused of writing many unauthorized checks, that after being hailed as the town’s hero in the aftermath of a 2014 disaster.

As News Channel Nebraska first reported Neiman blamed her out-of-line check writing on those devastating storms, telling the village’s insurance company that, “A lot of stuff has happened since the tornado, so I wasn’t sure what had happened.”

Her arrest warrant notes pages of suspicious checks and one of the frequent “payees” on that “unauthorized,” “suspicious” check list is Gavin Evento.

His name front and center in several checks obtained through a public records request by News Channel Nebraska.

Evento receiving a least half a dozen $8,000 checks from the Village of Pilger and Kimberly Neiman, plus one check for over $19,000.

All told prosecutors note 21 checks to Evento between 2013 and 2018 totaling $231,000.

In his email to NCN Evento says the Neiman case has labeled him as a fraudster and put his collection agency out of business and he wants compensation, a million dollars.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger says he’s talked to Evento: “He contacted us saying we owe him money and we basically put him out of business and he’s in Cambodia. I said well contact the county attorney’s office. I’m sure he’s got questions for you.”

News Channel Nebraska has learned that law enforcement officials are pursuing two schemes they believe Neiman was running.

According to the affidavit that led to her arrest, the unauthorized checks she was writing were part of a “course of conduct planned by Neiman…to pay off threats made to her and her family.”

Law enforcement also believes she was involved in a kickback deal. Sending out checks and getting some of the money returned to her

Neiman’s first court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday (March 10).

As for those threats law enforcement says Neiman (Nigh-man) told that story to the Pilger Auditor but provided “no further explanation.”