Emergency repairs ordered after high temps buckle runway

NEBRASKA CITY – The Nebraska City Airport Authority approved emergency runway repairs Monday after intense heat caused a portion of the runway to buckle.

 July produced an average heat index of nearly 94 degrees and temperatures soared near 100 degrees on Thursday when a pilot reported to the airport manager that a tail wheel had hit some roughness.

The authority voted to spend $39,000 to replace about 500 square feet of concrete in four affected sections.

Arlin Stutheit of the Airport Authority said he is grateful that Constructors Inc. is able to do the work on short notice. Repairs are expected to be complete next week.

The airport’s main runway is closed with notice to airmen issued. The grass crosswind runway is still open has been used by crop dusters.

Stutheit said just like city streets, driving surfaces that can not expand when temperatures are high will instead buckle.