Eight decades of true love

WAYNE, Neb.-- It's a love story for the ages. From World War II, till now.

It was a special day at the 'Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation Center' as a couple was celebrating their 80th anniversary together. 

Claire and Lura Stoakes tied the knot at the ages of 21 and 16 but have known each other long before that as they both met as children.

They got married right before Pearl Harbor, but then World War II forced the couple to be apart.

Once reunited, they vowed never to be apart again.

"Well, I don't know what I'd do without him," said Lura Stoakes.

To celebrate their anniversary, family members and organizers got the couple a Model-T car for the special day so the couple could take a trip down memory lane.

They even brought out a retro stereo, to play music from 'the old days' to make the moment even more special.

Their granddaughter, Shelly Hajek, who came all the way from Mexico, says it was surreal.

"They've been my heroes since I was little. My grandma has talked for years about how they are going to make it to their 80th anniversary and what a special day that would be. Now, that we are here, celebrating it, it's a bit surreal," said Hajek.

Family members and the Countryview staff played big roles in making it all happen.

The celebration was everything they hoped it would be and more.