Drivers getting familiar with automated garbage equipment

BEATRICE – Although some rear-loaded garbage trucks will still have a role, it will be a new day in garbage collection for Beatrice, come Monday.
Drivers are getting some practice operating a mechanical arm, that will pick up those new waste containers residents recently received and dump the contents into Hercules trucks that have been purchased for the new system.

Street Superintendent and head of the new garbage service, Jason Moore says he’s more excited, than worried.
"We're definitely looking forward to the challenge. We're going to have a few bumps, I'm sure. That happens with everything that's new. It will take a little while for the guys to get used to running the trucks. Last week, they were doing something else completely different with their own jobs, so this week we're expecting them to get into a truck and run an automated arm and go out and pick up garbage. I'm really happy with the way things are going."

The trucks have exterior cameras and lights, along with systems allowing the driver to view on the dashboard, the operation of the arm. Moore says the last of the free 90-gallon containers are being delivered this week.  Customers won’t see any changes in the billing procedure.

"The totes are free. The expense is the same, that has always been on your utility bill."  The Beatrice Board of Public Works includes electric, water, sewer and garbage service all on a single bill.

Midwest Area Refuse Solutions driver John Madera was a good sport allowing us to watch and video a practice session as he worked the truck with the automated side-loading arm.

This week, the City of Beatrice released information on the various routes that will be picked up during the once-a-week garbage collection…different regions of the city on different days… Monday through Friday.  Recycling collection will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday.