Downed trees damage property across Nebraska City

NEBRASKA CITY, NE — Many Nebraska City families are accessing damage after a severe storm blew through town tonight.

The Adame family lives on 2nd Corso near 7th Street. Their security camera captured footage of the maple tree in their front yard getting uprooted and smashing the family car.  Jorge Adame says he’s driven the vehicle for 15 years and uses it to get to work in Omaha. The family didn’t want to be interviewed, but Adame did talk off camera. He said his initial reaction was to cry but the family was in good spirits about the situation and glad nobody was in the car.

The storm also knocked down a tree on 9th avenue between 6th and 7th Streets. The tree fell on two cars in the process. Another tree took out a power line at 6th Street and 10th Avenue.

Power workers and emergency management were working on all the scenes soon after rain stopped around 7:45.

Video courtesy: Manny Adame