Dodge County Sheriff’s Office deputy resigns after being indicted on fraud

DODGE COUNTY – Dodge County Deputy Craig Harbaugh has resigned after being indicted on 15 counts of fraud, according to Dodge County officials.

His resignation was effective Nov. 8.

Craig Harbaugh stood before a federal judge in October of this year for the alleged $11 million in losses.

Harbaugh pleaded not guilty to all 13 counts of wire fraud and two counts of bank fraud.

Prosecutors said while Harbaugh was working as an investigator, he also owned Tactical Solutions Gear, LLC. in Fremont.

The firearms business is closed, and court documents show Harbaugh filed for bankruptcy in July.

Prosecutors alleged he used his business in an investment scheme.

Investigators believe Harbaugh told people he’d secured multimillion-dollar contracts with the Nebraska State Patrol and Department of Defense.

Reported losses range from $40,000 to $4.9 million for the alleged six victims and Great Western Bank.