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Discussions about adding more rails to railyard

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Lincoln County Commissioners discussed the addition of more rails to the railyard. There are bills in the Nebraska legislature that could add economic growth to North Platte and Lincoln County. Legislature Bill 156 focuses on the Inland Port Authority. This introduces industrial tracks to the Lincoln County area and allows products from international companies to be processed inbound.

Nebraska is looking to establish five ports throughout the state. The Lincoln County Commissioners approved working towards establishing what is needed so that Lincoln County could have a chance to becoming one of the five ports.

Building additional rails could open more doors so that more companies to look at our area which could bring additional jobs.

“When you have rail, there are more capabilities for industry and manufacturing to tap into,” said North Platte Area Chamber President Gary Pearson. “It opens the door much wider than if you only have truck transportation.”

Currently, there are many moving parts to this project, many of which are still in the preliminary stages. Many of the items in the legislature have not been signed by Governor Ricketts.