County fair to celebrate 100 years, brings in new entertainment

COLFAX COUNTY, Neb. - Pro-wrestling is coming to Colfax County.

Colfax County Fair workers are preparing to celebrate a century with new entertainment.

"This year we're really excited because it's our 100th fair," said Penny Janousek, the Colfax County Ag Society Secretary.

Janousek said this fair is special.

"It brings us all together," Janousek said. " This county is unique where the towns are on the north side and Schuyler's on the south side. It brings everybody into one place."

The fair is bringing in new attractions to celebrate.

"First time we've had big entertainment like this so we're really excited," said Janousek. "Getting calls from all over."

For the first time ever, MWA Pro Wrestling is coming to Colfax.

"There's several matches," said Janousek. "They promised to be entertaining fro all ages."

Janousek said they are also bringing in a virtual reality station for the kids, as well as life-size foosball.

It all starts Thursday and will end Sunday.

Click HERE for a full list of events.