Congressional Gold Medal to family of young Civil Air Patrol pilot

ADAMS - A medal has been presented to the family of a female Civil Air Patrol pilot, who lost her life in a plane crash during the time of World War Two.

Relatives of a 17-year-old Adams girl who became a pilot and joined the Civil Air Patrol were presented with a Congressional Gold Medal in Adams, on Saturday.

Lieutenant Norma Adams is laid to rest in the Highland Cemetery. She began flying at age 15, and joined a Civil Air Patrol squadron in Crete not long after graduating from Auburn High School.

She was involved with CAP recruiting missions, mapping and observation flights.

Lieutenant Adams lost her life in 1943 during a test flight with a mechanic on a plane he had been repairing. The plane crashed, and both perished. Norma’s funeral was conducted by the CAP and she was laid to rest in her CAP uniform.

In 2014, Congress awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor to all members of the Civil Air Patrol who served during WWII.  The family plans to gift the medal to the Gage County Museum in Beatrice which is planning a special display.