Company continues work on preserving the Gage County Courthouse

BEATRICE - Restoration work continues at the historic Gage County Courthouse in Beatrice. Work that's been in progress on the south side of the building could be completed this week. The next phases of work include the clocktower and north side.

Steve Dennis and Bob Heather were manning the aerial platform Monday for Masonry Construction, a firm that specializes in such work and has been tackling the Gage County project one phase at a time.

The Gage County Courthouse was built in 1891….placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. County Building and Grounds Supervisor Dave Jones says the work has included removing a sealant to allow the stone to breathe and release water, along with repairing some of the stone.

A key part is matching up the color from one section to another. Jones says the company doing the work has done a great job. The work on the building’s clock tower and the north side, Jones says, will likely require some scaffolding.

The chimney on the north side will need some significant repair. Occasionally, the question arises about spending so much money on the project.
Jones says with an older, historically significant structure….some preservation work is needed from time to time.

He estimates two to three months to restore the clock tower and north side of the building...completing the entire project.