Community surprises eldest with parade, motorcycle ride

NORFOLK -- Woodland Park's oldest resident rode a motorcycle for her 99th birthday. Kathryn Brooks is described as the most popular girl in town by her neighbors, who organized a surprise parade for her with the fire department and local police.

"I couldn't believe that parade coming up the street -- and the sirens, I thought I was going to get arrested!" Brooks laughed. 

Family from California and Oregon even flew in for it.

"She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever met," said Bonnie Brooks, Kathryn's daughter. 

"There is no one who dislikes my mother," said Randy Brooks, Kathryn's son.

That of course includes her neighbor and the event's organizer, Stacy, who prefers to stay behind the scenes. 'Stacy' ordered professional signs from another community member and balloons to make the yard special.

After being surprised by the signs, Kathryn was surprised by the parade. That's when she rushed inside to get a dressier sweater on for her fans. 

People from across the street and around the neighborhood drove by and stopped over to say hello and give her birthday cards. 

"It was absolutely wonderful!" She exclaimed. 

Kathryn said, to get this intelligent, beautiful and loved at her age, the key is fitness.