Community celebrates National Night Out in Norfolk

It was all fun and smiles at 2021 National Night Out at Central Park where hundreds of people came out to celebrate businesses, organizations, and law enforcement and their roles in their communities.

"This is fantastic. This is our sixth year coming here, at the National Night Out. It is amazing to see all of these families and kids out tonight." said Donna Wolff, who is the president of the Northeast Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition.

The celebration was especially about law officers and first responders and they couldn't be more thrilled by the turnout and being back out with the community.

"Yeah, this is Norfolk right here, this is what happens. We have a community event and we get people out here. Beautiful weather this year, just a great crowd and it's good to be out here with everybody," said Brent Tietz, an officer for the Norfolk Police Division.

It wasn't just first responders -- businesses, community organizations and even a giant lion who was a part of the Norfolk Lions Club showed up to help celebrate.

There were also games and entertainment as well. Kids got to act like firemen putting out a fire with the water hoses, and there was even a car crash simulator for the kids.

"Yeah, it's amazing to correspond with the police and the state patrol, the fireman, and just a good community thing that we get to see all the people come out. Everything is free for them, so it's a good national night out," a member of the Norfolk Lions Club added.