Communities thousands of miles away connect in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Neb. - A cultural exchange in northeast Nebraska.

"It's a very special relationship and I think it tells a pretty powerful story," said Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning.

The Malawian Ambassador Edward Yakobe Sawerengera is visiting Norfolk this weekend.

Since 2015, the city of Norfolk operates a sister school in Blantyre.

"Malawi as a country is known as the warm heart of Africa," said Moenning.

It's a relationship Sawerengera said he is thankful for.

"Norfolk is providing education but also not only at the high school level, but they're also offering opportunities for Malawians to come all the way into this country to continue with additional education," said Sawerengera.

The high school has graduated 27 students and the majority of them are studying at Northeast Community College and Wayne State College.

"I just thank God that he has worked miracles," said Dr. Joe Mtika, the founder of Norfolk Schools in Malawi Inc.

The possibilities are endless for the future of the relationship.

"I don't doubt that one day we'll see Norfolk, not only schools but colleges or universities," said Sawerengera.

This will be his last visit as Ambassador, as he is retiring.

But he says he will continue to build relationships in the U.S. and hopes Malawi's partnership with Norfolk continues to flourish.