Columbus Middle School closes Tuesday due to floods

COLUMBUS, Neb. -- The Columbus Middle School is picking up the pieces after overnight storms resulted in some parts of the school flooding.

The flooding resulted in the school being canceled on Tuesday, but Superintendent Troy Loeffelholz says he's confident the students will be back in school on Wednesday.

"Yeah, we'll be back in school tomorrow. We just may have six or seven rooms that right now are drying out. So, as soon as they dry out, probably, Thursday, is when kids will be in those classrooms," said Loeffelholz.

School officials said the draining systems in Columbus couldn't handle all of the water being produced by the overnight storms.

"Well, I think the main cause for the flooding was a large amount of rain. Three inches in a short amount of time, forty-five minutes to an hour, the water draining system just couldn't keep up," added Loeffelholz.

Luckily, school custodians and others caught the flooding around 5 in the morning and got to work early to get it under control.

Officials also told NCN that nothing major was damaged in the process.

"Just a lot of supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, things that were located in closets. As far as damage to desks and other things, no," Loeffelholz.

The school is happy with the progress they've made with the clean-up process and is confident the school will be back in session on Wednesday.