Columbus man killed by forklift at workplace

LINDSAY, Neb. -- One person is dead after a workplace accident in eastern Nebraska. 

The Madison County Sheriff's Office says they were called to a farm north of Lindsay Monday afternoon, where they were told a man had been crushed at his place of work.  

Authorities say a man had been crushed while unloading heavy livestock equipment. 

The man was identified as 23-year-old Bairon Carreto Perez of Columbus. 

He was taken to Faith Regional in Norfolk by Lindsay Fire and Rescue. Norfolk Fire and Rescue performed and intercepted Carreto Perez in Battle Creek.

They continued advanced life saving measures the rest of the way to the hospital. Faith Regional performed further life saving measures without success. Carreto Perez was pronounced dead. 

The investigation at the scene showed that Carreto Perez had been assisting with the transportation of large crates of live chickens, which were being moved by a forklift.

During one of the movings, the crates became dislodged from each other and the forklift. Carreto Perez stepped between the crates and the forklift when the crates slipped again, causing him to be crushed against the forklift. 

Officials did not give the name of the poultry operation, but the address of the workplace is the same one listed for K & K Poultry on state permitting documents, a farm owned by the Korth family of rural Lindsay.