Columbus Community Hospital acquires Columbus Surgery Center

COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Columbus Community Hospital soon will be adding Columbus Surgery Center to its family of health care facilities.  It will take ownership of the center starting June 1.  Columbus Surgery Center, located at 3772 43rd Ave. Suite B, features state-of-the-art equipment for ophthalmology, pain and endoscopy procedures. It has been serving people in Columbus and surrounding areas since 2007.

Dr. Peter Diedrichsen, a general ophthalmologist who opened the center, was looking to transition ownership. Hospital leadership felt that purchasing the practice would allow continued patient care at the center and expand the hospital’s service lines to include ophthalmology.

“We hope, through this acquisition, we will ensure our community will continue to have access to quality ophthalmology services,” said Mike Hansen, president/CEO at CCH. “It also offers the opportunity to provide a greater array of services in the future.”

Ophthalmology surgery at the center includes bladeless LASIK surgery and procedures to treat glaucoma and cataracts with the most advanced equipment and technology available.

 “Having the surgery center in the community has enabled us to offer these services,” Diedrichsen said. “The purchase will allow us to continue offering those services in the future as we bring in new ophthalmologists or ophthalmology services.”

Keith Luedders, vice president of ancillary services at CCH, said there is room to grow the surgery center, which currently operates at about 50% capacity. He mainly sees ophthalmology and pain as areas the hospital could help develop further in the future. 

“We have great opportunities to grow the business at Columbus Surgery Center, deliver more focused care for patients and provide additional access to ophthalmology care,” Luedders said.