College career wrapping up for SCC-Beatrice Campus Director

BEATRICE – A man who started his education career as a business instructor at Southeast Community College in Lincoln is retiring this week as Beatrice Campus Director and Vice-President of Program Development for the school.

Bob Morgan attended his final SCC Board of Governor’s meeting, by videoconference during these pandemic times. The administrative team member thanked the school’s board for their dedication over the years.

"Without your support, this college would not be going in the direction that it's going.....and it's going in a great direction. I think there's a lot of great things ahead of the college. You guys are an amazing group, working hard for all of our students and that's what it is all about. We change people's lives, and it starts with you at the top."

Morgan has served for 31 years with Southeast and credited his parents for his success…saying they, “taught me to respect everyone and instilled a hard work ethic.”  "I'd also like to thank Dr. Illich for his incredible vision and leadership. SCC is going places and is positioned well to help Nebraska solve that labor shortage, and boost the economic success of our graduates."

Morgan thanked his fellow Vice Presidents at the college for their hard work but said also important are the employees such as the custodians and the person who operates the phone system…because they are often a frequent point of contact with students.

SCC President Dr. Paul Illich said Morgan has done some amazing things…and at a fast pace as the college has developed new facilities and programs.
A retirement reception is being held Thursday afternoon at the SCC Beatrice Campus Academic Excellence Center. (2-3:30 pm)