Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce selects new director

CHEYENNE COUNTY, NE — The Cheyenne County Chamber knows who its next director will be. 

McKailie Carnahan-Kuhns has been selected as the new leader of the Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce. 

Carnahan-Kuhns is a Sidney native and a graduate of Peetz High School. Now living in Sidney after attending college and traveling, She is the owner of a photography business named MCK Photography. 

Now living in Sidney after attending college and traveling, Carnahan-Kuhns says she is excited to take on the role and begin promoting the area she grew up in. 

"I'm so excited because for me Sidney is somewhere where I wasn't sure I would come back to and now that I'm here, once I got here, I knew I didn't just want to live here, I wanted to be a part of things," she said.  "It's exciting for me to be able to showcase what I love about Sidney and show other people how great it is."

Carnahan-Kuhns will take over for Hope Feeney who announced her resignation in April. The two will work together in a transition period until Feeney officially steps down in July. 

While working with Feeney, Carnahan-Kuhns says she wants to get out to the communities around the county out of the gate. 

"I think honestly how I'll spend the majority of my first few months is just getting out there meeting everyone, meeting chamber members, hear what everyone has to say, what the businesses need."

Carnahan-Kuhns first day is Monday, June 14.