Chadron State students graduate in Alaska


CHADRON --  Nebraska seems pretty far from Alaska. Yet, twenty students from the panhandle received education degrees this month in the icy state. The Anchorage School District Office hosted Chadron State College officials and graduates' ceremony for the first time, August 1. 

Why? Because all of the grads are hired teachers in the Anchorage School District, mainly as administrators.

Two educators at Chadron State College had previously worked in Alaska, so they wanted to establish CSC's presence in The Last Frontier after a university there lost its teaching accreditation status.

Although the courses were all online, students in the Anchorage cohort also met occasionally for discussion groups. The graduates represent a 100 percent completion rate of students enrolled between 2019 and 2021.

A third cohort is already enrolled. The Education Department is recruiting a fourth cohort.