Bruce Mitchell submits resignation letter to NPS

NORFOLK, Neb. -- Bruce Mitchell, a longtime school board member of Norfolk Public Schools, submitted his letter of resignation Tuesday.

In a letter submitted to the NPS school board Mitchell wrote the following:

This letter is to announce that I am resigning from the Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education
effective July 31, 2021.

I have truly enjoyed my time on the Board working with others dedicated to our future. From current and past board members, administration, staff and everyone that makes the District go I want to say a big Thank You. It takes an army and we have a good one.

I am proud of the work the board and administration have done to put Norfolk Public Schools in the strongest position it could be in for the future. I am also proud of the fact we have been able to keep the focus on student learning. We have been able to give them and the staff many opportunities while also protecting the taxpayers. From dual credit to Career Academies to AP classes we have tried to set students up with all of the tools needed to be successful and the next level they choose to pursue.

I will be moving out of the District and County which is why I have to resign.

I challenge my colleagues to always put the majority first by weighing both sides and continue the tradition of Norfolk Public Schools.

Sincerely, Bruce Mitchell

Mitchell has spent over 12 years as a member of the NPS school board, four of which were as its president. His letter of resignation will be approved at Thursday's meeting. If accepted his last day will be July 31.