Bridgeport man vies for opportunity to build dream bike with Orange County Choppers

Michael Harden wants your vote.

"I think it would be the dream of a lifetime to build something that no one else has," he said. 

But Harden is not running for office. He’s trying to build his dream chopper.

"It would probably be one of the greatest things to happen to me other than having kids or getting married," Harden said. 

The Bridgeport resident is a part of a nationwide competition of motorcycle enthusiasts. The winner gets their ride built by Paul Teutul Sr. and the Orange County Choppers (OCC). They even get to appear on an episode of OCC's TV show.

Harden is an American Legion Rider. He says his chopper’s design would honor U.S. airborne soldiers.

"I myself spent time in an airborne unit so that's why it's so near and dear to me," Harden said. "I think these men and women get overlooked sometimes and I think they just need the extra tribute and extra special thanks that they don't normally get everyday."

The winner is chosen through multiple rounds of public voting. If Harden wins, his bike would get plenty of exposure.

"It's going to be maybe a special ride bike for veterans parades, quilt of valor presentations, shows, car shows, bike shows and just get it around the state."

The first round of voting comes to an end Thursday at 8 p.m. MT. If current results hold, Harden will move onto the next round. The winner will be determined in November. 

To vote for Harden, click hereNote: A Facebook account is needed to vote. Everyone can vote once every 24 hours. Voting can also be done through a "Rescue Vote" which is a donation to the Hudson Valley SPCA.