Breaking into a new market: Sidney business opens smash room in basement of existing store

SIDNEY, NE — 2020 was a rough year on all of us and now a business in Sidney is giving people a new opportunity they used to have to travel over one hundred miles for. It will help them relieve some of that pent-up frustration by simply doing one thing: breaking some stuff.

“20 bucks to break glass for 20 minutes might be the difference between a night in jail and a good day because it’s just a good way to relieve tension,” Smash Dungeon co-owner Eric Bertrand said.

Bertrand and his wife Nicole opened up a smash room in the basement of their business Daises and Dragons. Appropriately named the Smash Dungeon, they got assistance from another Nebraska business owner to open up.

“We met up with a man named Matt Miller who owns Smashin’ It 402. He was an incredible help to us. He gave us a ton of advice and information, helped us with some hurdles we ran into.”

Relieving stress and frustration is the customer’s benefit, but Bertrand hopes this will attract people from all over the region. That’s because the next closest smash rooms are in Denver and Rapid City, South Dakota. The goal is to help more businesses than just his.

“It’s great because it gives us the opportunity to say ‘Hey while you’re in town, there’s a pizza place down the street, there’s a burger joint down the street, there’s all kind of things to do in town.’ Come on in and we’ll send you in their direction once you’re done breaking stuff.”

With the pandemic, tax season and upcoming exams, Bertrand is proud to offer a local option to blow off some steam and to have some fun.

“There’s just such a release to it. There’s so much pent up frustration right now, being able to do something that’s fun and relaxing, it’s fun to watch.”

The Smash Dungeon is open by appointment only. People can book appointments by messaging the Daises and Dragons Facebook Page or calling 308-254-4158.