Boy pulls real-looking handgun; several students detained in Hershey

Several students were detained Wednesday after a boy displayed what appeared to be a real handgun at a school in west-central Nebraska, authorities said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said around 3:45 p.m. deputies received a call about a young male pulling a handgun out of a backpack outside a school in Hershey.

After classes were dismissed and buses had left the grounds, the Sheriff’s Office said, the school was placed on lockdown to protect any remaining students.

Deputies then detained the boy and several other students with him, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies said the boy had an air soft “toy” handgun, which was a realistic replica of a real pistol.

Once the school’s grounds were deemed safe, the school was taken out of lockdown, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The matter remains under investigation, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Hershey is situated just west of North Platte.