Boutique sees growth in Nebraska despite pandemic

NORFOLK, Neb. - Despite roughly 200,000 businesses shutting down across the U.S. during the pandemic, one clothing store in Nebraska has been able to grow.

With four stores in Nebraska, Bling opened its fifth store on April 13, in Norfolk's Sunset Plaza Mall. 

"Our customers have been so amazing through this pandemic and supporting us and helping us grow," said Sarah Purintun, Bling Regional Manager. "We come in every day to give that experience to our customers and our customers are everything."

Purintun says the store made it through the COVID-19 closures due to its online sales and customer support. In the past seven months, they opened a store in Lincoln, Columbus, and now Norfolk.

Now, since health requirements are loosening, Purintun says the company is actively looking for new locations. But for now, it continues to rely on its customer service, something Purintun says sets them apart. 

"I think what's most important is knowing that you can come into our store and feel comfortable and that there's someone here who truly wants to help you," said Purintun.

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