Boat Accident at Popular State Park

YANKTON – Lake-goers, enjoying a typical day of fun at Lewis and Clark Lake, quickly find themselves in need of help.

Authorities say, ten people were on a boat at 5:30 Saturday evening.

That ride went from good to bad in a matter of minutes.

Conservation Officer Jeff Jones, with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, explained what happened next.

“An operator was towing two people on a tube. One lady, due to the wake, had an injury. They stopped [suddenly] and one person went off [the boat].”

Lewis and Clarke Lake is the second largest reseverior in the state, spanning 48 square miles.

The lake is so big that sometimes accidents happen and other lake-goers hear nothing about it.

Norfolk resident, Landon Steffen, goes to the lake several times a year, he heard the sirens Saturday.

“They [EMS] had their sirens going. The looked like they were headed somewhere. I figured there was some sort of accident.”

Officers transported the boat’s passengers to the Yankton Marina.

Once on shore, Yankton County EMS took an adult female and an adult male to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.